About Us


Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Matt. 26:36

The organization is a mental health charity that supports individuals, couples and families. It is committed to improving healthy relationships, to cater for the health and welfare of mentally challenged persons.

  • We cater for the mentally challenged persons
  • We promote quality of life for orphaned and vulnerable children, people living with disabilities, and widows
  • We encourage the acquisition of skills and training for less privileged and physically challenged persons in the society


To set up treatment, rehabilitation or restoration of diagnosed or perceived mentally challenged persons in Nigeria.

  1. To locate and identify people with mental illness in Nigeria, starting from Ilorin, the capital state of Kwara
  2. House identified patients in constructed or selected treatment areas for proper medical and spiritual care
  3. Solicit family, community, and religious support in understanding the issue of mental health to tackle the taboo associated with such patients
  4. Involve professionals in the medical fields relating to successful diagnosis and treatment of each person
  5. To seek for governmental assistance in providing proper regulations, laws in dealing with the stigmatization of mental illness and its challenges
  6. To solicit funding for the continuation and expansion of the program to other states in Nigeria
  7. To setup skills training programs for unskilled treated persons in providing a means of livelihood for self and family
  8. To encourage medical students to give more attention and service to fields relating to mental health